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As a Bind Credit Intermediary (Credit/Loan)  to Banco de Portugal, we have several credits to suit your needs. Such as: 

  • Mortgage loans

  • Personal credit

  • Car Loan

  • Consolidated Credit

Mortgage loans

Choose your new home without any difficulties and have the best home loan solutions.


Mortgage loans allow you to purchase a property with access to the most competitive spreads on the market and longer terms with rates adjusted to your needs.


Available to:

  • Acquisition of permanent housing

  • house exchange

  • Vacations House

  • invest for lease

  • Improve your current credit conditions

Personal credit

Make all your dreams and projects come true in a simple and hassle-free way.

Personal Credit is tailored to your needs with tailor-made financing that allows total flexibility in the amount, monthly fee and payment period (maximum 84 months).

It can be used for various purposes such as holidays, education/training, health, carrying out renovations and small works in your home, buying furniture, appliances, paying expenses, among other purposes.

Car Loan

Tailor-made financing for the car of your dreams.

Car credit allows you to purchase your new or used car without the need for an initial down payment and with 100% financing and with monthly payments and terms adjusted to your budget. Even between two individuals.

You can purchase Car Credit in the following ways: Reservation of Property, Long Term Rental (ALD) and Leasing.

Consolidated Credit

Consolidate all your credits into one and lower monthly installments by up to 60%.


Consolidated credit is an excellent solution for managing your finances, your personal budget and reducing your monthly charges, as it allows you to merge all your credits into one, reducing your installments, in order to obtain a single monthly fee and instalment.

If necessary, you can also obtain additional cash for another project.


Thank you!

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