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CC Team - Consigo Credit (Desfecho Disciplinado, Lda) is a Bind Credit Intermediary, registered with Banco de Portugal (Bank of Portugal) under record nr 6519, specializing in granting credit intermediation and consultancy services (credit or loan brokerage).


In order to offer you the best solutions on the market, we provide for the services of 10 business partners with widespread recognition.


We are qualified to offer you the best solutions in terms of Mortgage Credit (new and transfers), Personal and Consolidated Credit, Car Credit (especially between two individuals), Credit to Companies, as well as all the Consultancy necessary in this area, at no cost. for the customer.

Juntos no topo
Juntos no topo


We intend to find the best financial solutions for you with the maximum speed of response in the credit analysis sent by our partners.


Through our experience, integrity, rigor and clarity, we want to simplify the entire credit process for you.


Through responsible financing solutions, we intend to respond to market challenges, contributing to its sustained growth.

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  • Competence:

Proven professional experience. Around 20 years in management positions in the Portuguese banking system.


  • Determination:

We know the entire credit process very well and with resilience we overcome the difficulties that arise.


  • Precision:

By gaining knowledge of the customer's reality, we identify the best solution and ask our partners for the right proposal.


  • Commitment:

Constant follow-up throughout the process and with all stakeholders until the signing of the deed and loan documents.


  • Confidentiality:

Confidentiality and responsibility in the treatment of the customer's case and  personal data.


  • We take care of all the paperwork, you don't have to worry about anything.

  • At no cost to customer, the banks pay our fees.

  • Working with us, the customer only has one person in charge of all the banks, the customer only has to send the documentation and explain what he/she/they want(s) once, thus saving time and money.

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